Wholesale VoIP
We take very seriously customer satisfaction, that's why we have build one the best Wholesale VoIP services available at the moment with the best VoIP connection to each destination. We are directly connected with many local services providers and large international telecom carriers

At New globals understanding that operating in the call center / Marketing industry can be competitive because of the unique requirements associated with uptime, reliability, call technology like predictive dialers, voice broadcast, we offer great dialer / Call Center VoIP routes to many countries. High CPS demand, low ASR or low ASR can be discussed.

Simple and Easy to use call shop software. Real time monitoring per Cabin, call reports and invoices. With our free call shop application you don't have to worry about paying for extra software, get your phone cabins connected to Checkbox and your call shop business is running. Our wholesale direct and premium routes will guarantee quality voice and stability for you VoIP infrastructure.

Forget about expensive applications, pay per license or agent, complicated dial plans or call routing. Get your call center dialing in just a few minutes with our free automatic dialer software. Our automatic dialer is very functional and user friendly. Configure your extensions, load your call contacts and set your call ratio. With live call reports and per call detailed report you will know what happened on each call.

Voice Broadcast: Unlike others, we don't charge membership or monthly fee, There are no long-term contracts. Simply upload your file, record your message and schedule it for delivery. You'll only be charged for those calls you make using our service. Just pay per minute and take advantage of our free voice broadcast software. Great for political polls, marketing polls, notification and lead generation. Our system is very friendly, we have the ability to deliver just message or transfer to an agent during or after it.

Customers Best Choice

Our point is to give stable quality courses, bring down cost to all clients so that

They will return again and again.And each time they participate they'll be dealt with

To the remarkable fast! Feeling.

An expansive and commonly minding New globals family.

We expect to furnish our workers with a feeling of having a place with a minding group, to enable them to completely create and add to the

organization and each other. Our family includes all in the New globals workers, business accomplices and supply accomplices alike.

What's more, most extreme in significance is our New globals family's anxiety for society on the loose.

Driving Market Position

We mean to proceed with our lead position in the market, doing the correct things with remarkable ability and adequate budgetary assets.


We mean to pick up financial specialist bolster by keeping up top benefit influencing status and world class to benefit administration capacity.

Looking for magnificence

Steady innovativeness, continually safeguarding consumer loyalty and endeavoring to be number one are the fundamental parts of New globals unswerving objective.

Individuals first

Our representatives are our most prominent resources. We immovably trust that supporting best ability is the establishment of New globals prosperity.

Group insight and collaboration

Joined exertion is at the core of our cooperation. It is show through inner cooperation and close organization together with our accomplices.

How we cooperate.

We are client insane people! Our deal groups and specialized help focuses tune in and react to the voices of their clients.


Confidence in individuals

We have confidence in individuals, confide in positive goals, empower thoughts from everybody and effectively build up a workforce that is different in


We discover motivations to praise the accomplishments of others and have some good times doing it.

Training and support

We mentor and bolster each other, first by concentrating on what we acknowledge, at that point how we can be much more viable.


We do what we say, we are responsible; we act like proprietors.

Executional brilliance

We beat year prior outcomes by persistently enhancing and developing. We complete day by day force.

Positive vitality

We execute with positive vitality and power. We lament organization and the ineffectualness that accompanies it.


Through valuable level headed discussion, regardless of where we are physically we can simply acknowledge virtual cooperation.