About us


New globals provides VoIP connection services to national and international carriers and service providers who look for a reliable partner to support their business needs without competing with them on an end customer level. Long-term win-win relationships with solid customers/partners are the core of our customer portfolio. We work with leading telecoms companies around the world, from large incumbents to emerging players in fast growing markets.

Meet the Team

Regan McCook

Founder & CEO

Eric Teagan

Vice President

Timothy Barrett


New globals is an international wholesales carrier with points of interconnection. We are expanding our
network globally. By maintaining a high level of professionalism and flexibility we have acquired our leading industry position, earning a reputation for responsiveness and reliability. With the efforts of our professional colleagues and the well-organized operation. New globals is experiencing a healthy growth in this market.

New globals introduces worldwide innovative voice and advanced real time communication services over the public internet. We have more than 251 venders and 155 clients all over the world. New globals is the biggest voice wholesaler.
Currently, we have 109 people, which all focus on our voice wholesale and retail business. Today our services enable our customers to
meet the demands of end users, opening the door to the efficiencies of converged voice and data network. Catch us
Easy way Service Advantage line.